Friday, June 9, 2017


 Writing this post 7 months late, it's hard to remember too many details. But I can remember whatever I took a picture of! :)
The highlight of this month was the visit we got from Grandpa and Grandma Weston! We rented a big van and took a trip to Louisiana for a couple days. We stopped and saw the Baton Rouge Temple on the way to New Orleans. We went to the National WW2 Museum which was incredible! It was a really neat place. We went to the old capitol building, walked along the Mississippi River and saw the USS Kidd from a distance, Toured a plantation, and ate some gumbo and cajun food at lunch, and beignets from the famous Cafe du Monde while there. It was a fun, quick trip.  It would've been great to have more time to see it all, but it was still a good trip. We also took the opportunity to have Kenny give Rebecca a name and a blessing while we had both sets of grandparents there. Our bishop came, and also Beth and Ricky and Savannah Westbrook. I made some soup, rolls and salad and we had a nice dinner chatting with them all afterwards. We're so blessed to have such great parents/grandparents in our lives and for our children to look up to as well.

 We were so glad to have them there for Thanksgiving as well! We had a lovely feast!! They got to be there for the kids little Thanksgiving play they did with their CC group.

Poor baby was sick a lot

 Tyler made some cute customized name cards for everyone's plates at Thanskgiving.

I look at this and see how the girls' hair didn't get done nicely, Brigham isn't wearing shoes, there's chalk on the brick wall behind us...everything and everyone is a bit out of order. But that is my life right now so I guess we'll just embrace it. It's chaotic and I rarely have anything in control like I would want. But we'll just keep chugging along and doing our best.

Grandpa liked playing fun duets with the kids. 
Briggs LOVED pretending to drive the big van we rented.

 Tyler got 2 pigs, Hubert and Sassy. Sassy ended up being Bryn's and they each took care of one. If only we knew what we were getting into... ;)

 Riding horses at the Westbrooks. Our second home. We were there every day taking care of the pigs and enjoying their farm.

 These silly girls made fun creations out of the mud/clay in the ditch in front of our house.

Brynlee got some reading glasses!

Took some pics of my beautiful kids one day. 

 So hard to pick only one pic for this adorable 2 year old.

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